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Is 'Work From Home' too overwhelming? Here's One Best Tip

Posted by nina 02/06/2021 1 Comment(s)

Who does not agree that working from home could be overwhelming? During the first MCO, I bet a whole class would raise their hands up. But now, is it still?


Are you a working adult? Are you a mother? Are you a student?

Hope that you are doing well


Being at home with commitments could be challenging, it leads to burn out faster and more frequently, I guess? Alright, let’s take a deep breath 


We sure understand that it is a responsibility to #stayathome as we need to help flatten the curve of the rising number of cases and death because of Covid-19. Hence, work from home and online class are implemented until upcoming notice.  


Thousands of tips shared for a more productive work from home, a balanced work from home, you name it. Out of all of these tips, which one works best? It’s not your first time, darling. 

Let’s do it better this time, sparkle some happiness



All work from home tips concludes to one main thing; managing time. It’s all about organizing time to differentiate between work responsibilities and home commitments. Do not overwork while working from home, and turn off the laptop right on time!


Since the first MCO, what have you learned about yourself?

It is critical that we set aside some time for ourselves. We've been so used to being completely dedicated; I mean, it's not bad, but indulging yourself is actually great, isn't it?


By giving ourselves time, we could commit up to 200% to our responsibilities. Facing the laptop for too long and answering calls after working hours makes us feel like a robot. Too much energy on work is draining and you would lose interest to do anything later on. So, recharge your body and mind with hobbies or family time, alright? Happy mind, happy employee


 Seems a little bit cliche here but, you do get jealous of people that are happy sometimes, don't you?



Thoughts come out of nowhere when a person posts herself enjoying work from home on Instagram. For some people, it is too good to be true to enjoy working from home, for some, it’s a blessing. 


She is happy because she respects herself. She gets her hair done, eats whatever she wants and does things that she loves. What have you done for yourselves?

As small as a long night drive, alone time with loved ones, or even a calm night skincare routine. It shows an appreciation, trust me


Spiritually, give Him your trust and He will take care of it



1 Comment(s)

21/12/2023, 03:03:43 AM,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.

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